Snapper Guardians Wall of Fame


Did you donate and become a Recfishwest Snapper Guardian?

If you did, thank you from all of us at Recfishwest and the WA fishing community – you will find your name below on the Wall of Fame.

Some people nominated to remain anonymous.

If you don’t see your name below and have donated, please contact the office:

Aaron May
Achilles Kingsley Phillips
Adam Carter
Adam Kirkham
Adam McArthur
Adam Tarbox
Adam Vegvary
Adam Williams
Alain Baillard
Alan Guthrie
Allan Miles
Allan Petersen
Amanda McCarthy
Andrew Broad
Andrew Cole
Andrew Eccles
Andrew Fox
Andrew Fox
Andrew Godber
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Piper
Andrew Rowland
Andy Bates
Angus Forbes
Anthony Berrer
Anthony Brittain
Anthony Ruhland
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Smith
Anthony Trainor
Armando Menezes
Ashley Meakins
Ashliegh Castle
Ava-jean Rowley
Barry Hopkins
Beau Colegate
Ben Cocker
Bill Martin
Blair Bloomfield
Blu Layton
Bob Law
Bob Longmore
Bohdan Ilich
Bradley Smith
Brady Knight
Brent Fletcher
Brenton Scambler
Brett Watts
Brian Dargie
Brian Kirkwood
Brian Krouse
Brian McGuinness
Bronte Nardi
Bruce Drummond
Bruce T Winterford
Cam Parsons
Cameron Gore
Caroline Rybarczyk
Cassandra Nielsen
Cathy Catoni
Chas Riegert
Chemie Banger
Chris Andrews
Chris Chapple
Chris Keating
Chris Matthews
Chris Pond
Chris Stannage & Rebecca Maslen-Stannage
Christopher Mulhall
Clayton Johnson
Clint Ackerman
Clint Buswell
Clinton Keenan
Clive Miller
Cockburn Power Boats Assoc. Inc
Colin Crockett
Craig Bibra
Craig Johns
Craig Scott
Creswell Casey
Curt Moss
Dan Wheeler
Dane Coombs
Daniel Durrant
Daniel Lillas
Daniel Walker
Daniel Whyte
Danny Bozanic
Darcy Collard
Darcy Collard
Darren and Tina Shepheard
Darren Chapman
Darren Maclean
Darren Wilson
Dave Dubbelboer
David Bailey
David Bradley
David Clarke
David Court
David Holbery
David Kleemann
David Lloyd
David Maxwell
David McDougall
David McDougall
David Oberstein
David price
David Prior
David Russell Taylor
David William Kellett
David Jenny Juniper
Dean Morris
Dean Phillips

Got a Question about the Project?

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We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Find the answers in our Snapper Guardians FAQs article.

Snapper Guardians Project


The Snapper Guardians Project was born after a disastrous fish kill event on pink snapper in the Cockburn Sound in 2015.

The WA fishing community came together, raising enough money to fund the culture of 100,000 juvenile pink snapper which were to be released back into the Cockburn Sound.

Read more about this exciting initiative in our Snapper Guardians Project article.

Snapper Release Day


Approximately 400 people came to down to be a part of this historic event with everyone given the opportunity to release baby snapper back into the waters of Cockburn Sound.

Read the full story in our Snapper Guardians Realease Day article

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