Artificial Reefs in Western Australia

Artificial reefs are rapidly shaping Western Australia’s coast line, with six reefs already deployed they are creating some sensational habitat for a plethora of fish species. These reefs combined provide over 140 000m2 and 1500 tonnes of fish habitat – which provide greater fishing opportunities for fishers. These reefs stretch from as far south as Esperance, right up to Exmouth! Our artificial reef experts, along with our trusted partners, have built extensive artificial reef capabilities and knowledge to ensure artificial reefs have a consolidated place in Western Australia’s ongoing conservation of important aquatic habitats.

To learn more about locations and coordinates, check out the recfishwest site here!

Check out just some of the catches caught on the artificial reefs around WA.

Artificial reefs are purpose built structures installed in aquatic environments (marine, estuarine, river or lake) for the purpose of creating, restoring or enhancing habitat for fish, fishing and other recreational activities. Artificial reefs mimic the characteristics of natural reefs by creating new habitats and providing shelter, feeding opportunities and varied changes to the water column.

“Artificial reefs provide a complex habitat for a range of different species. Once algae, corals and invertebrates make themselves at home, they produce additional biomass in the food chain, creating a food source for fish and other species”

Recfishwest Research Officer James Florisson, Recfishwest