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BarramundiHow to Catch Barramundi

Rigs and Techniques

A 6-15kg braided mainline fished on a bait-casting outfit is a good setup. The most common fishing method with Barramundi is hard-bodied lures with a slow, twitching retrieve with occasional hard twitches. Anything from minnows to shads or rattling lures can be successful. Other methods include live bait rigs and trolling with diving minnows.

Barramundi WyndhamBarramundi fishing is usually best at early morning, late afternoon or night. Estuaries and tidal flats tend to be the places that large females inhabit, so look for places where food might aggregate, like eddies or draining creek mouths and cast to these.

The best time to be fishing is when the tide is coming in or going out and the Barramundi are forced into the tidal flats. If you are fishing in freshwater where you are more likely to find the younger males, look for cover and cast to features such as snags and drop-offs.

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Other names

Lates calcarifer, barra

WA Distribution

Found from the border of the Northern Territory in the north down to the top end of Shark Bay in the south, although barramundi are most common north of Dampier. Barramundi are found in both coastal areas and estuaries, but spawn only in estuaries. They inhabit a wide variety of habitats including tidal rivers, freshwater lagoons, and coastal foreshores.


An iconic species of northern Australia, barramundi can be recognised their pointed head, concave forehead, large jaw extending behind the eye, elongated body and rounded caudal (tail) fin. Barramundi vary greatly in colour from silver to muddy brown depending on whether they are sea run or estuarine fish. This species is not easily mistaken for any other species.

A good sized barramundi will weigh between 10 and 20 kg and can reach lengths of more than 1m. Interestingly barramundi change sex from male to female as they grow older and fish of 8kg or more are likely to be female. Barramundi are a solitary species.


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Where to Catch Barramundi