Treen Brook Restoration

Treen Brook prior to restoration

RECFISHWEST is thrilled to report significant repair work has been done on Treen Brook, near Pemberton, to enhance freshwater fishing at the popular location.

Despite its relatively small size, the Treen has long been one of the most popular feeder streams for the Warren River for freshwater anglers, offering high quality fishing experiences for both brown and rainbow trout.

In recent years the banks of the brook had suffered from erosion and a weir near the trout farm had caused a large washout preventing movement of trout and native fish upstream.

Recfishwest awarded a $6000 grant (as part of the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund) to the West Australian Trout and Freshwater Angling Association (WATFAA) to undertake remedial work at Treen Brook.

This work was recently completed by a local contractor, who was able to fix the area that was causing the problem, using tree stumps to stabilise the stream bed.

Fish can now move past the washout area and with time, silt should deposit around the tree stumps reversing the erosion damage.

This is just another example of communities restoring habitat and fish environments to ensure WA’s world class fisheries continue to thrive and provide enjoyable sustainable access for all.

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