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Boating for beginners boat on water

For some, getting into boating can be a daunting and stressful prospect but the truth is it doesn’t have to be! So the question has to be asked, “Why do you see so many people in boats out enjoying the waters of WA?”

The truth is boating is a safe, fun activity that is ideally suited to our superb climate that encourages people to get out in the great outdoors, and makes a great addition to the family lifestyle.

Boating for beginner sheltered bayAnd the more you do it the more enjoyable it becomes and the more confident you get with your boating skills.

We are blessed in WA with thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline and while some of it should probably be left to the boating experts, much of it is easily accessed with even a small vessel.

There are plenty of sheltered waters which are perfect for small boats and family boaters, offering safe locations to wet a line or just enjoy the natural environment.

Boating for beginners fishingSpots like the Peel-Harvey Estuary, Nornalup Inlet, Oyster Harbour, Blackwood River and Swan River, to name but a few, offer sheltered boating opportunities perfect even for absolute beginners.

Getting started with boating need not be expensive, or daunting, and even a small dinghy can open up a whole new world of fun with fishing styles likes crabbing, squidding and breaming.

Nowadays, there are plenty of training schools who will teach the basics and get you ready for boating through the educational process of obtaining a Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Modern boats and motors are more bulletproof than ever, boating facilities are better than ever, and nautical electronics have made running a boat safer than ever.

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Boating for beginners launchingThe safety gear has also improved markedly, with the use of EPIRBs meaning you’ll never go missing, and these days you can take another precaution by wearing a lightweight lifejacket so comfortable you’re barely know you’ve got it on.

While serious anglers can spend a great deal of time and money perfecting their boats for their particular needs, for many just getting out on the water with friends is enough and catching a feed is a bonus to getting away from the stresses of our hectic modern lives.

Big is not always better either and many people find they prefer smaller boats as they are easier to launch and retrieve, and manage, and therefore get more regular use in the long run.

Small boats can also easily be towed by the average family sedan, so don’t worry if you don’t own a big 4WD.

Boating for beginners beach launch

Small boats make launching and retrieving a breeze (photo courtesy: Ben Little)

WA’s boating specialists, All Boats and Caravans, can answer any questions you have about getting into boating and finding the right vessel for your needs, and just as importantly, a boat to suit your budget.

They’ve got all the advice you’ll need to make your boating experience an enjoyable one and can take care of everything, including package deals that include the boat, motor and trailer, plus all the relevant accessories.

They’re currently running a First Time Boaties Package (for a very limited time) and even have a FREE Boating for Beginners Seminar on February 11.

All Boats First Time Boater AdThe First Time Boaties Package includes several bonuses and benefits however the most impressive is their Unlimited FREE one on one tuition “until you’re competent”.

The February seminar will cover important topics like boat selection, towing tips, running costs, launching and retrieving and the differences between types of hull material and motors.

Boating for beginners boy fishingDealer Principal, Maz Yahiya understands what it’s like to first venture into the boating world so his team are there to help all first time boaters.

“Boating is easy and cheaper than most people think and it’s something the whole family can enjoy,” Mr Yahiya said.

“At All Boats and Caravans, we want to see more people out on the water enjoying the WA lifestyle and our job here is to make that happen as seamlessly and enjoyable as possible.”

Whether you are interested in serious fishing, occasionally wetting a line, snorkelling, skiing, swimming, gentle cruises on the river or just exploring our coastline, there is a world of boating enjoyment out there waiting.

Do you need a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket?

Find out more in our Recreational Skipper’s Ticket article.

Here are All Boats and Caravans Top Boating Tips for Beginners:

  • Start small. Small tinnies are the best way to get into boating – less maintenance, cheap and hassle free.
  • Talk to a boating specialist who can help you choose your boat, teach you about your boat and how it works, and who won’t sell you a dud.
  • Ask to trial your boat on the water. You’ll feel more confident if you know you’ve been on the water with the seller in your vessel.
  • Take the time to understand and learn your boat. This includes little things like knowing a bit about your outboard motor, trailer specs including lights, jockey wheel, wheel bearings and tyre condition.
  • Safety! – Feeling confident that you have all the necessary safety equipment for boating is super important – life jackets (for everyone who intend on taking with you), EPIRB, flare kits, navigation lights and bailing device are the minimum items you need. Need a Life Jacket? Get yours here.
  • Maintain your boat. Flush it with fresh water after every use, wash it down with fresh water, don’t leave old sinkers or metal appliances to rust on the boat, put a cover on your boat to protect it from the elements etc.
  • Keep your fuel clean. If your fuel is old, dirty or has water in it your outboard motor will struggle to run properly and may cut short your day. Simply replace it.
  • Always use drift or sea anchors. Use the biggest one possible or if you still drift too fast use two. Ignore the size ratings for different boats, this is one place where big is best.
  • When at the boat ramp don’t rush or panic. Launching or retrieving your boat is a relatively easy exercise and the more you do it the better you’ll be. Simply have all your gear in the boat ready to go, get your mates to help you and concentrate on the job at hand. You’ll also find most people are always happy to help out at the ramp.(video links)
  • Keep in contact with your boating specialist. They will help you with any problem including servicing your boat, motor and trailer and look after your needs. These guys do it for a living, leave it to them.
  • Have Fun! Boating is a great way to de-stress and get into the outdoors. It’s great for the whole family and can play a huge part when planning your next holiday.

If you want to know more about boating or simply want to have a look around and talk to the experts, drop into All Boats and Caravans in Kingsley, proud boating partners of Recfishwest.


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