Kayak Fishing – An affordable way to access great fishing

Kayak fishing

Kayak fishing just continues to grow in popularity in WA.

With fishing kayaks a much more affordable option than a boat for many recreational fishers looking to expand their horizons from shore fishing, there are more and more kayaks of various shapes and sizes being seen on the water every year.

While some of the more experienced kayak fishers challenge themselves by heading well offshore to locations previously only accessed by boat, where kayaks come into their won for most fishers is in protected waters close to shore.

In this environment, they are a great, fun way to share safe and enjoyable fishing experiences with the family.

The various estuaries and rivers from the Pilbara South, offer perfect locations to hone your kayak fishing skills in a safe environment and catch everything from bread-and-butter species like bream and herring to mulloway and salmon.

Kayak fishing
Kayaks can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the model and whether you want pedal or paddle power.

Whatever the budget, the premise is the same though – the chance for fishers of all ages to actually get out on the water, be part of the natural environment and enjoy some fantastic fishing.

For many, particularly teenage fishers, it will be a stepping stone to later boat ownership, but for others the simple joy of gliding silently on a kayak never fades.

There is the added bonus of getting some exercise on a kayak, and you can launch just about anywhere as you don’t need a boat ramp.

Kayak fishing

One of the great things about kayak fishing is the stealth aspect, which means the kayaker doesn’t disturb the fish and other animals around them.

As with all vessels in WA, there are regulations relating to usage and safety for kayaks and these can be found at http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/imarine/paddle-safe.asp. For more on Kayak fishing and all fishing other safety visit http://fishandsurvive.org.au/kayak-fishing.php

Kayak fishing


Kayak Fishing Safety

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