Latest Broome Barramundi Restocking


Representatives of Kimberley Training Institute (KTI), Willie Creek Pearls and Recfishwest were on hand to oversee the latest Barramundi stocking near Broome.

The enhancement of Barramundi fishing throughout the Kimberley continued with 400 fish being carefully released into the Willie Creek system a couple of weeks ago.

The fish were around 40cm long, having been grown to that size by Broome’s Kimberley Training Institute (KTI) , and every Barramundi was tagged.

AndrewBroomeBarramundiReleaseKTI aquaculture guru’s Jeff Cooper and Anthony Aris were on hand to oversee the release, which took place over three days to offer the fish the best chance of survival.

We travelled up to see first-hand the great work local partners were doing to ensure the local fish stocks remain healthy for the recreational fishing into the future.

Willie Creek Pearls Paul Birch and the Department of Fisheries Dylan Pross also helped to release fish back into an iconic Kimberley waterway.

One young family that was holidaying in the area even got to take part in the release.

The good news is that the early indications are the barra settled in well, with four of the tagged fish already reported as recaptures by fly fishers, someone using handline and a cast net. The other positive note is that these recaptures have come from different locations in the system.

The restocking of Barramundi throughout the Kimberley, including around Broome and in Lake Kununurra, is being funded by the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund and Recfishwest’s Community Grants.

There will be more Barramundi stocking throughout the Kimberley in the near future.


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