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Boating Tips

  • Timber cray pot

    Top Tips for Potting for Crayfish

    In this article we’ll provide you with our top tips for potting for crayfish (rock lobster), including what materials you need, what bait to use and other handy tips to help you catch more [...]

  • hydraulic over ride trailer brakes

    Trailer Brakes, Servicing and Maintenance

    It’s an unfortunate fact of life that salt water and boat trailer brakes really do not mix, so keeping your trailer brakes in top working order should always be a priority. In this article [...]

  • How to Service a Manual Life Jacket

    Inflatable life jackets have become hugely popular as they are light weight and far less cumbersome than the conventional foam life jackets. This new breed of inflatable life jacket allows you to move freely [...]

  • Batteries Part 3: Battery Charging

    This is the last installment of our three part series on batteries. In this article we will explain the best way to charge your battery to ensure your battery will last as long as [...]

South Coast Fishing Spots

  • Albany

    Fishing in Albany is fantastic, it is an angler’s playground, with a vast range of options. Beach fishers can expect to get herring, skippy and whiting at a wide range of spots [...]

  • Bremer Bay

    Located a couple of hours’ drive east of Albany, Bremer Bay is something of a hidden jewel in WA fishing. Or perhaps it is just a [...]

  • Esperance

    There is some fantastic fishing around Esperance for both shore and boat anglers. The region is famed for its salmon fishing, however mulloway are also [...]

  • Pemberton

    Spring is the perfect time to hit the southern forests and try your hand at freshwater fishing. The trout season opens on September 1 and that is a cause for celebration among the State’s [...]

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