Claremont Jetty

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Project Description

Claremont Jetty

Claremont Jetty can be found at the end of Jetty Rd in Claremont which runs off Victoria Ave. While the parking is pretty limited there are public toilets at the base of the jetty. First constructed in 1898 this jetty was very popular in its day as it still is today. There is beach access at the front of the riverside homes with a very small amount of lawn but little else apart from the large jetty.

Species likely to be encountered here include black bream, flathead, flounder, tailor, herring, pilchard, mulloway, silver Bream, yellowfin whiting, squid, crabs and river prawns. In certain years this is also a popular spot to chase giant herring.


  • Easily accessible
  • Limited parking
  • Public toilets