Get your WA fishing license

While you don’t need to have a recreational fishing licence to dangle a line in Western Australia most of the time, some activities do require specific licences.

Recreational fishers need to be aware of these requirements and ensure that they comply with Fisheries WA rules by having the appropriate licence where necessary. It is important to note that all the money generated from recreational fishing licences is reinvested in initiatives that directly benefit recreational fishing in Western Australia.

The most commonly required licence is the Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence or RFBL. The RFBL entitles the holder to access their daily bag limit when fishing, including crabbing or spearfishing, from a powered boat. You can fish from a boat without one, as long as someone on board has an RFBL, but you will not be allowed to keep any fish beyond that individual’s bag limit.

Other activities that require a licence include fishing for rock lobster, abalone, marron, with a net and freshwater fishing.





You can buy or renew recreational licences online, or at a Department of Fisheries office.

For more information, visit the Department of Fisheries website.